Chapter 468

It was Sharon Lindt who called him. Pressing the green ‘answer’ icon, Stanley Batton picked up his mother’s call while heading to the elevator. The two nurses who walked past Stanley were astounded by his handsome features. Their immediate reaction was to clutch each other’s hands, secretly screaming in excitement. However, Stanley did not give a fig about them. “Stan, our baby girl was awfully bullied by the Sullivans. You ought to make Mary Sullivan pay the price!” Sharon could be heard bellowing in anger on the other end of the phone. Stanley strode into the elevator and pressed the button to close the elevator doors under the attention and admiration of countless girls. “I get it,” he said before he hung up the phone. On the other hand, Xyla could not take her eyes off the supper that Stanley had left behind since the man went out of her ward. She did not notice it, but the corner of her lips had started curving upwards into a gentle smile. She did not touch those supper

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