Chapter 467

The truth of the whole incident had united many netizens with deep hatred for Mary Sullivan. They were constantly reviling Mary as well as the irresponsible police officers who helped her. The negative comments against the Sullivan family had finally ceased. However, Mary’s incident had yet caused another outbreak of verbal abuse against her family. “Mary Sullivan and the ones at the police station, would you just die already? My Lord, the world is too dark.” “The Sullivans never failed to appall me with their inhumane behavior. Pretending to be innocent after harming people, framing people, and sending people to jail. I don’t even know how to register the incident in my mind!” “I strongly demand a harsh sentence for Mary Sullivan that b*tch! Let her die, please!!!” “Let’s continue to boycott the products of Sullivan Food Group! Put them out of business! Please!!!” When the police pushed Mary out of the hospital, Tom Sullivan found himself getting out of the car, smoldering wit

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