Chapter 460

When Noah Smith entered the parking lot in his car, his headlights shone right at Catherine Batton. He could see her fighting against a group of men clearly. As he looked at Catherine’s agile movements, Noah began to smile approvingly. In the next second, his facial expression turned cold. He quickly stopped his car, got out of it, and charged into the crowd before fighting alongside Catherine. Although Catherine was surprised to see Noah, she continued to fight against her enemies. With the two of them working together, they soon left their opponents on the ground, defeated and crying in pain. Catherine quickly got close to Noah and leaned against his back as she panted and glared down at the men by her feet. “Thank you,” she said. “Piece of cake,” Noah said with a smile while he too was panting. Catherine didn’t reply to him but instead hastily grabbed a beaten-up youth and pressed him against the wall nearby. “Tell me, did Mary Sullivan send you guys here?” “Lady, please sp

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