Chapter 459

When May Conner thought of this, she felt incredibly annoyed. This time, luck seemed to be on Xyla Quest’s side yet again. “It’s okay. We still have a lot of opportunities to screw her over. As long as I’m alive, Xyla won’t be able to live in peace,” Emily Quest said with a sinister smile. “Mary Sullivan must be pissed right now. You should visit her in the ward later and incite her to make her hate Xyla even more,” May said before chuckling devilishly. “Of course, I will.” Emily began to laugh along devilishly. *** Catherine Batton spent a long time in Xyla’s ward before leaving. After stepping out of the hospital, she got into a flash rose-red Lamborghini. After that, she turned on the engine and drove away hastily from the hospital. Her flashy sports car attracted a lot of attention on the road. Since it was still early, Catherine decided to have some fun at a bar. Hence, she stepped on the accelerator and drove to Unconscious Bar. Since there weren’t any parking spaces

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