Chapter 444

“I will send them to you now,” said the man. Her phone vibrated a second later. The name, ‘Tool’ was displayed on her WeChat. The man had delivered more than ten photos of Stanley together with Catherine to her. There were photos of them sitting at a KFC together, a photo of Stanley’s back as he entered a hotel, and a few screenshots from a surveillance camera. The screenshots showed both Stanley and Catherine walking out from a hotel, side-by-side. Emily Quest’s eyes lit up the moment she saw the pictures. She then placed the phone next to her ear again before looking around. Once assured that there was no one else there, she whispered, “Where did you get these photos from?” That girl was definitely his mistress! Both of them looked so intimate together. They even entered and left the same hotel together. It didn’t matter whether the man in the picture was the true Stanley or a substitute that Xyla had made into her pretend husband, or at least according to Emily’s sixth

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