Chapter 443

Emily Quest nodded in response. “It is… Mary, I know I’m the one at fault here… Is there any way you could ever forgive me?” Mary Sullivan sighed. “I’ve actually already forgiven you. No matter how you dice it, you’re still my best friend. My sister. You may have faked your pregnancy but I just can’t seem to stay mad about it. I understand why you did such a thing after all.” Relief washed over Emily after hearing Mary’s words. She hugged Mary, tears trickling down her cheeks. “You’re the best Mary…” Mary gently patted Emily on her back. “Alright, alright… Don’t start crying now… Look at you, you big cry baby… This really isn’t like you.” “Yeah, I don’t feel like myself anymore these days. It’s all Xyla Quest’s fault… Whenever I don’t take my medication now, I instantly feel like dying terribly… Though the medicine definitely helps, a part of me still wants to die.” Emily wept as she said all this, crocodile tears still flowing from her eyes. Mary carefully raised her hands a

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