Chapter 430

“Please come in,” called out Georgie Clementine. In response, Stanley Batton stepped into the ward with a huge basket of fruits in hand. Xyla Quest found herself peering at the basket. It had all her favorite fruits in it. Stepping forward, he placed the basket of fruits on the bedside table and pulled a chair to sit beside Xyla. He looked at her and asked, “Was the lunch I ordered to your liking?” “Yes, the lunch was delicious and I appreciate the fruit basket. Though why are you back so soon?” Several thoughts were swimming in Xyla’s head. How could he spend so little time with his girlfriend? How was that enough? “I was worried about you,” Stanley answered. “There’s nothing to worry about, I have Georgie with me. As you can see, everything is fine here. Georgie has been taking very good care of me. Now hurry along and attend to your business matters,” blurted Xyla somewhat coldly, though her expression remained gentle as usual. A slight scowl formed on Stanley’s face a

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