Chapter 429

“I will, Fifth Master.” Zack Cassidy gave Stanley Batton a respectful nod before turning around to leave his office. After the door clicked shut behind him, the office returned to its original, peaceful state. Stanley leaned back against his office chair, his hands behind his head and his legs comfortably crossed. All that was on his mind were the final two possibilities that Zack had proposed earlier. *** When Georgie Clementine returned to the ward with the contract in hand, Noah Smith signed the contract without even glancing at it. Shortly after, he bid a brief farewell before leaving with his copy of the contract. Xyla and Georgie were alone in the ward again. The first thing Georgie did was slide the contract into a drawer before closing it. Her next move was to return to Xyla’s side, where she began praising Noah. “Noah seems like a straightforward and energetic man. He was very friendly and approachable, nothing like the nobleman I had initially imagined him to be

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