Chapter 424

“It’s alright. I’ll ask Georgie to hire a professional caregiver to look after me,” Xyla Quest said as she shook her head. Xyla knew for a fact, that any woman would be upset to find out that their boyfriend was constantly taking care of another. She didn’t want something like that to happen. Since Stanley already had a girlfriend, he and Xyla should keep some distance between them. This was Xyla’s way of showing respect to his girlfriend. Sensing something amiss with Xyla, Stanley frowned slightly. “Is anything the matter?” he asked. Beep, beep, beep… At that moment, Xyla’s phone on the nightstand began to ring. His hand moved over to pick the phone up but just as he was about to hand it over to her, he unintentionally saw that it was Noah Smith who was calling her. Stanley looked at Xyla briefly before picking the call up on her behalf and placing the phone in her hand. Xyla looked at who the caller was. “Noah, what’s up?” She began coughing almost immediately a

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