Chapter 423

There seemed to be more cars and people on the road. Stanley Batton had to slow down every time he tried to overtake a car. After an agonizing number of cars he had to pass by, they finally arrived at the Municipal Hospital. The hospital’s dean was already waiting for them outside the main entrance alongside a large group of medical staff. Stanley hit the brakes right in front of them and quickly got out. He carried Xyla Quest out from the backseat and placed her on a stretcher that had already been prepared by the dean. Xyla was completely unconscious at this point. “Master Stanley, what’s wrong with her?” asked the dean. “Some kind of stomach ache,” said Stanley as he looked at the dean. The dean didn’t say anything else. With the help of the other medical staff, they carried Xyla hurriedly into the hospital. Stanley followed close behind. Xyla was in the emergency room in no time. After some time, she was officially diagnosed with acute appendicitis. After di

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