Chapter 421

Not too long after, six bodyguards walked in and began dragging Mary Sullivan out of the house, forcefully. “No… Father please, help…” Mary cried out as she struggled to free herself. Her efforts, however, were futile. Bailey Ronson was in such panic, that she was already in tears, but Tony Sullivan simply ignored her. Mary’s body was pressed against the cobblestone floor by four of the guards. One of them held on to a whip while he walked toward her. He lowered his gaze before respectfully saying, “I apologize for this, Miss. I cannot disobey the master’s orders.” “Let go of me!” screamed Mary. The more she struggled, the more the pebbles on the cobblestone floor scraped against her skin. It hurt terribly. “Miss, please do not struggle. If you don’t, the whip will only hit your back, but if you continue to do so, I cannot guarantee that you won’t be accidentally hit somewhere else.” After she started struggling less, the four bodyguards let her go. Immediately afte

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