Chapter 420

Mary Sullivan’s heart immediately began to race, and she looked frightfully to where the teacup had been thrown from, only to find Tony Sullivan staring at her face with a murderous glare. Bailey Ronson sat next to him, afraid of even breathing too loudly, and was wiping sweat off her forehead the entire time. “Get your ass over here! You backstabber!” Tony was huffing and puffing while he yelled at Mary. Because of Mary, Tony was completely humiliated today. Now, he wondered how many people were mocking the Sullivan family. When Tony thought about this, he felt too embarrassed to even go out there and face other people. Mary sucked in a breath of cold air before reluctantly walking over to Tony with her head lowered. “Father, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lied to you,” she confessed. She was well aware of her father’s temper. At this point, only a sincere admission of guilt could possibly save her life. Although her father doted on her, he never compromised when it came to matter

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