Chapter 397

“Hmph… I’m not a kiddo anymore, I’m eighteen.” “Kiddo…” Stanley gently caressed her hair once again. He stayed in the room and talked to Catherine for a while longer. After that, he got a call from the company and left straightaway. Catherine Batton went to take a quick bath. She changed into a pastel pink floral dress, matched with a white knitted jacket and a pair of little white shoes. She then grabbed her ID card and went straight to a cybercafe nearby. There were no private rooms left and she did not like to have too many people around her. Therefore, she booked a row of computers and sat randomly in front of one. After she switched on the computer, she clicked into League of Legends and got into a team. At that moment, a group of youngsters came in. They placed their IDs accordingly onto the counter. They were led by a youngster with blonde hair. He leaned against the counter slovenly while looking at the beautiful manager and said, “Get us six computers…” “I’m sorry but w

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