Chapter 396

Soon, a gap opened at the door. A girl with blonde hair tied into two ponytails and bangs of uniform length popped her head out through the door. The girl looked at him with her head slanted and a gorgeous smile. Her almond-shaped eyes filled with innocence were pure and the dimples around the corner of her mouth made her look extra cute. “Why are you here this late?” She complained. Her voice was sweet and clear. “I had something to do, why did you dye your hair? It looks horrible…” He frowned slightly with a look of disgust. Although his eyes were filled with disgust, his movements and eye contact were very gentle. The girl opened the door fully and rolled her eyes at him straightaway. “This colour is trendy this year, alright? Don’t you have any taste?” “Alright, alright… I have no taste, happy with that?” After he said that, he gently caressed her hair and walked into her room. The girl closely followed him from behind and sat onto the couch together with him. She then cr

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