Chapter 392

The next second, Xyla Quest could smell a familiar cologne smell flow through her nose. She lifted her head. She noticed she was in a man’s embrace. His hands on her forehead, protecting it so she did not feel any pain. The guy said with a deep voice from the top of her head, “You came to get a hug from me early in the morning?” Xyla got embarrassed, her face went red. She stepped back and looked into his deep eyes. “What are you saying?” Her bathrobe was a bit revealing. From the angle he was looked at, he could see her alluring lines on her body. It made him stiff. He frowned, “I’ll go open the door… you wait here.” “There’s no need, I can get it…” “No, you're not allowed…” He said as he opened her room door and pushed her back into her room. Stanley Batton did not let her say another word and quickly walked towards the front door. Since someone is going to open the door for her, Xyla decided to go back to the bathroom and start washing up. After quickly showering, she wor

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