Chapter 391

If Mary Sullivan didn’t offend her, she would not try to out bid her for the flower vase and leave her in such a situation. Xyla Quest, that b*tch! ** The next morning, Xyla woke up early. Because there was not much activity in the morning, she lazily got into the bathroom. She turned on the warm water for the bathtub, added a bath bomb and some rose petals. She comfortably sat in the bathtub, surrounded by rose petals with a face mask on her face. Her body was mostly covered in bubble foam, only her two white as snow long arms were visible. It made her look very seductive. Even though her injury on her left shoulder has been healed, it still left an ugly and disgusting looking giant red scar. Ring, ring, ring… The phone beside the bathtub rang. Xyla noticed that it was Rebecca Robin who was calling. She immediately picked up the phone, put it on speaker mode and continued to enjoy her bubble bath. “Hello Aunt Rebecca, how are you?” “Xyla, remember at yesterday’s auction I bou

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