Chapter 365

“Let’s go…” Cloud Piercer said. “Why did you come here?” Extraordinary Geo asked. Right then, Cloud Piercer walked directly over to the teleport portal. In the next second, the screen showed that they were in front of the maze’s entrance. As soon as they came out, countless players surrounded them and activated the conversation mode. They began praising Cloud Piercers and asked him what items were dropped in the dungeon. Cloud Piercer ignored them and sent Georgie Clementine a private message in the game. “Let’s have a look at Shapeshift Weapon after you equip it.” Georgie obediently equipped the weapon. After that, she equipped the rest of the top-tier weapons she had acquired from the dungeon… The top-tier weapon, coupled with various boosts from the top-tier equipment, her Attack Power suddenly reached 2,000 points. Right then, a screen-wide message appeared in the game. “Congratulations, player Extraordinary Geo, for obtaining the title of First Counselor.” When Georgie sa

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