Chapter 364

“… Are you sure you don’t need help?” Extraordinary Geo asked. “Hurry up…” Cloud Piercer said. To avoid making any mistake and dragging him down, Georgie Clementine quickly hid in the bush nearby. Right then, the final boss, a large golden dragon, appeared. After the dragon’s loud, angry roar, countless beasts appeared from all directions in the maze, including wolves, insects, tigers, and leopards. Cloud Piercer continuously casted AOE skills. Within two minutes, all small monsters died while he was completely unharmed. After that, Cloud Piercer charged over to the large dragon boss. While dodging the boss’s attacks with his movements, he attacked the boss. The battle was getting very heated… When Georgie observed the battle, she felt as if her heart would leap out of her chest. After a total of ten minutes of the intense battle, the large dragon was thoroughly defeated. A bunch of equipment and ingredients appeared on the ground, including the rarest form of weapon in the ga

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