Chapter 35

When Xyla Quest first paid for the news article to be on the list of most popular topics on the internet, she only paid for a single day’s worth of exposure. Logically speaking, the other party did not have to refuse Tom Sullivan’s offer. Now that something like this had happened, someone else was clearly pulling a prank on Emily Quest apart from Xyla. Who was this person? Could it be one of the Sullivan family’s competitors? Regardless of who did it, Xyla found this entire ordeal to be impressive. As soon as May Conner heard what Emily Quest said, she immediately pressed her ear against Emily’s phone. Emily pushed May away, annoyedly, before walking over to the French window. “Can’t you understand the human language? I was just about to call you and ask you about who you messed with.” Tom Sullivan sounded very angry. “Who else could I have messed with? Xyla Quest is the only person… Xyla must be behind this! She was the one who paid for the story to be on the list of most popular topi

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