Chapter 34

Emily Quest approached Xyla Quest almost as if she were a predator, ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. There was an expression of hatred on her face that was covered in make-up. “What do you want?” Xyla raised her brows coldly. “Nothing much. I just wanted to tell you that Brother Sullivan and I are getting married. In fact, we are getting married in two weeks. “I know you’ve always wanted to break us up to exact revenge on me so that I would lose everything. “However, Xyla Quest, I’m letting you know that your plans will never succeed. “I now bear the Sullivan family’s child. I have a stable position. Even if you try anything dirty, you won’t be able to drag me down. “You have always been my defeated foe. It is your fate to be envious of me.” Emily kept her hand up to block Xyla’s way while she spoke with a satisfied expression on her face. Once Emily became Tom Sullivan’s wife, she would have the upper hand in the fight for the Quest family’s inheritance. With her in-laws’ support

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