Chapter 337

“Master Sebastian…Master Henry…Master…please forgive me, I swear I will never do it again, I swear…” Fred Thomson looked at their backs desperately, begging for mercy in tears. However, none of them turned back. Bam… The door closed at the instant. The entire world had returned to peace. Fred fell to the ground weakly, he was staring at the ceiling in despair with his body fixed on the ground. He knew that he was finished. The masters of Brenand and Armstrong families were targeting him now. He was afraid that neither his father nor his uncle was able to save him from them. There was no way. Worst of all, his whole family could be implicated because of his grave mistake this time. Strong remorse rushed through his blood, he could not help but felt extremely dreadful. On the other hand, the inspector took a step back helplessly and swiftly pulled open the door. He glared at the police officers outside and ordered, “Send him to the detention room and we’ll wait for the ver

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