Chapter 336

Stanley Batton was a little surprised at the arrival of the few of them. Henry Armstrong quickly approached Stanley. “Well…We’ll talk about it in the car later.” Fred Thomson was totally panicked as he looked at the way Stanley talked to Henry as well as Sebastian Brenand. The Thomson family was powerful indeed. However, they were nothing compared to the Armstong and Brenand families. The guy standing in front of him at that moment had the gut to speak out to Henry and Sebastian. Undoubtedly, his status must be much higher than the two of them! The inspector had come to the realisation too. He was shaking all over as he looked at Stanley timidly. “Master, you are a great man, please forgive me and forget about my terrible mistake, I shouldn’t have done that to you, I..I was wrong.” “I...I was wrong too. Err, we wouldn’t have known each other if we didn’t meet this morning, right? Let’s reconcile and be friends.” Fred looked at Stanley, trying to ingratiate himself with Stanley.

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