Chapter 326

Sebastian Brenand and Gary Lakes stood up immediately as well. They walked to Xyla Quest’s side. “Beautiful Xyla, are you feeling dizzy right now?” Sebastian asked. Xyla nodded, “Uhm, a little.” Gary said, “If that’s the case, you need to eat something that’s going to help you replenish your blood supply. It should be because you lost too much blood.” The medical team continued to push Xyla forward.    Stanley Batton and his gang helped to push the hospital bed along the way. By looking at their faces, Xyla felt extremely warm at that moment. *** The medical team left right after Xyla was placed onto the big bed in the VIP ward. Gary went to grab three chairs. He placed them behind Stanley and Sebastian respectively. Then, the three of them sat down. The men in black put on a serious look and guarded the entrance of the ward. Stanley carefully helped Xyla to adjust the speed of her IV drops. He then frowned while looking at her, “How were you kidnapped by Fred? Georgie said

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