Chapter 325

Georgie Clemetine nodded gently. “Thank you.” The next second, she leaned onto Henry Armstrong feebly. Henry did not speak again. He lifted his long pair of legs and quickly strode to the front. As Georgie’s injuries were not that serious, Henry sent her straight for gastric lavage and got her wounds treated. Xyla Quest on the other hand, was sent straight into the operating theater by a group of people. After the door of the operating theater was closed, Stanley Batton slowly sat onto the long bench. Endless murderous aura lingered all over his body. Sebastian Brenand and Gary Lakes soon sat down as well. The men in black neatly stood at the sides of the corridor while staying on guard. “Fred, that son of a b*tch, he was really too cruel, that motherf*cker!” Sebastian clenched his fists tightly. “His father must have been cursed for eight consecutive generations to have such a son.” Gary snorted coldly. “He will get his father killed anytime soon.” “Anytime soon? He can alr

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