Chapter 317

She then put on her knee-high boots. Upon noticing that it was just about time to leave, she grabbed a white Hermès from her handbag shelf. She placed the jewelry that she bought for Sharon Lindt as well as her phone into it and prepared to leave. Right at that moment, footsteps were heard from the room. She calmly took a glance at the entrance of the cloakroom and then carefully put on her Chanel diamond earrings in front of the dressing mirror which was coated with gold and embedded with diamonds. “Five Batton, why didn’t you knock before coming in? Is there any problem?” She asked. However, there was no response from the outside.   She put on her other earring immediately. She then lifted her head and looked at the entrance. At that very moment, two women dressed up in tight-fitting wear showed up right in front of her. The sudden appearance of two strangers made her heart tremble. She took a step back subconsciously. She was alert, “Who are you? How did you two get in her

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