Chapter 316

Any amateur would have chosen to keep their mouth shut upon coming across a situation like this, let alone those celebrities. Due to the fact that everyone chose to keep quiet, those sickos became even more out of control. However, she could also understand why they chose to keep silent. As there were too many people in this world who had a sick mind. They would criticize the criminals and successively discriminate against the victims at the same time. “Georgie, I want that man to spend the rest of his life in prison.” Xyla Quest spewed out one word and another while trying hard to take in deep breaths, trying her best to suppress her anger. If that scum stayed outside of prison for another day, it would add one more victim to the list. Therefore, she must send him into prison and make sure that he will never, ever have the chance to walk free from it. “But… he’s got some influence... it’s not like you don’t know how powerful his dad and uncle are, ordinary people will stand no

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