Chapter 294

“Cancel the contract with Faye White.” Xyla Quest dived right into business. “Why? She is a great actress and has a lot of potential. Canceling the contract with her directly would be a shame. I’ve always believed that she could become the most popular celebrity among the generation of youths born after 1995.” Georgie sounded surprised. “How could someone as arrogant as her possibly achieve that?” Xyla asked. “What’s the matter? Did she do something bad to you?” Georgie asked. “She was arrogant when she spoke to me. It happened in a shopping mall. With a personality like hers, it won’t matter if she became popular. She’s already this full of herself before she had even become famous. I can only imagine how much worse it could get once she does become famous. What if someone digs up negative things about her? I don’t care if she ends up ruining her career, but what would happen to the money we have invested in her?” Xyla said. Xyla could actually choose to bury Faye’s talent. But

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