Chapter 293

Sharon Lindt immediately waved at the sales assistant nearby. “Pack all the spring outfits up in your store. Apart from this windbreaker, I want everything else.” As soon as Faye White walked into the store, she overheard Sharon’s order. Faye subconsciously stopped walking and looked at Sharon’s face as she tried to guess who Sharon was. Her jealousy toward Xyla Quest intensified. Realizing that Xyla would get all the good designs again, Faye silently walked out of the store and proceeded to shop in other stores. Once again, Xyla was shocked by Sharon’s gesture. By now, she was feeling a little overwhelmed. This was the first time someone treated Xyla like that after only having met her a few times. “No, my aunty is only kidding,” Xyla said while she smiled awkwardly at the sales assistants. “Listen to me. Hurry up…” Sharon ordered. Since the others were afraid of disobeying Sharon, they immediately proceeded to pack the clothes up. “Aunty, can you please don’t stop doing thi

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