Chapter 289

When Xyla Quest first started her company, the company’s high-level executives knew she personally did not like too much attention. Hence, nobody dared talk about her affairs to outsiders. It was a practice carried forward until today. It had become the norm in the company that nobody would talk about her, which explained why it was normal for artists in the company not to know who she was. After comparing the two women’s outfits, the sales assistant smiled at the beautiful woman who wore a sable fur coat. “Alright, I will get this wrapped up for you right away,” the sales assistant said. “Miss, I saw this outfit first, alright?” Xyla immediately frowned. The sales assistant smiled politely. “Miss, this is a design from the young and most famous international designer, Vivian, who collaborated with Chanel to release it.” “So?” Xyla asked. “So, you probably can’t afford it. You might not even know who Vivian is, do you? She’s an extremely talented designer. Her net worth is even h

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