Chapter 288

Tom lay in the room until five in the evening before he regained some strength. He was about to get out of bed when his phone vibrated. Seeing that Julian was calling, he lifted the phone with much difficulty and answered the call. “Tom, where did you go? Why haven’t you come home for so long? Mom and Dad are starting to complain,” Julian’s voice was gentle as usual. Tom tried to keep his voice composed and natural. He summoned all his strength to say, “I went out for a trip with some friends, and I’ll be back in two days.” “It’s almost time for New Year’s. There’s a lot to do at home, so come back quick,” Julian urged. “Got it.” “Alright then… I’ll wait for you. Right, Tom, the one who caused you this much harm… has been identified.” Tom’s body quivered as the spirit returned to his mind. “Who was it?” “It’s not one, but many. They’re all our rivals in the food industry,” Julian said. Tom’s eyes were filled with disbelief when he heard. “Isn’t Xyla among them?” “

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