Chapter 272

Tom felt clueless about what he should do. Recently, whenever his father saw him, he would only criticize him. His father would not agree with anything he did, which drove him mad. With so many things piled up in his mind, Tom urgently needed someone he could vent his frustrations on. Xyla, who personally forced his sister into prison and was the suspect for the crime against his family, became Tom’s perfect target. As he recalled all the bad things that happened to him recently, he began tearing Xyla’s clothes apart like a mad person. “Xyla Quest, even if I was wrong, you should not have treated me so cruelly. I have nothing left! Do you understand that? You have an evil heart. Have you ever thought how hard it was for me to continue loving you when you were as fat as a pig? The fact that I stayed with you for so long proves that I really tried my best. I didn’t have a choice. Whenever I saw your ugly face, I felt as if I was going mad. All you lost was a single kidney, but do you k

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