Chapter 271

Smoke surrounded Tom’s solemn-looking face. He no longer seemed as kind and peace-loving as he normally did. Xyla could clearly sense that she was in danger. Although she struggled to free herself, her body was far too weak. A strong sense of anger filled her heart. She felt as if her chest was about to explode. Despite wanting to speak, she was unable to utter a single word. Apart from causing Xyla to faint, the drug also made her entire body weak, and even made her unable to speak for a short period of time. At a place like this, with only her and Tom around, anything could happen. Even if he wanted to kill her, he could do so with ease. Tom took a slow puff of his cigarette with an annoyed expression. “Why are you looking at me like that? Huh? Did I do something wrong?” he asked. Stubbing out the cigarette, he climbed onto Xyla. His body pressed tightly against hers while he pinched her chin forcefully with a single hand. Even when Xyla was angry, her face still looked very be

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