Chapter 2074

Xyla Quest had many people by her side, but Sebastian Brenand was all alone. She sensed that Stanley Batton would want to spend time with Sebastian since they were good friends. Stanley instantly felt warmth flowing from his heart at her words, glad that his wife could understand him. With a troubled frown, he nodded wordlessly in agreement. Right then, Sebastian also felt warmth in his heart. Forcing a smile, he looked at Xyla. “Thank you, Xyla. You’re a beautiful and kind soul.” “Don’t mention it.” Stanley left with Sebastian not long after. At first, Xyla wanted to use her hacking skills to help him shed some light on some scenarios. She could hack into his parents’ surveillance system and phones to check if they’d contacted Rachel Wood. However, Stanley had already informed Zack Cassidy to do so. It was a simple task, so Xyla didn’t need to go the extra mile. The person Zack hired would find out everything even if she didn’t do anything. Xyla sat for a while until soon e

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