Chapter 2073

Xyla Quest was rather fond of Rachel Wood, despite not spending much time with her before. They got along quite well when they met. Xyla hoped nothing had happened to her. “Look, Rachel was crying when she wrote this letter. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but here’s a tear mark," Xyla said, pointing to a faint smudge on the letter. "What does this mean? It means she was reluctant to leave you and possibly forced to do so.” Sebastian Brenand immediately grabbed the letter to scrutinize it. Indeed, he managed to see the tear mark under the light. At that point, he became extremely upset as he found Xyla’s analysis made sense. His parents must have forced Rachel to leave him. That was the better scenario. In another, Rachel could be locked up somewhere or worse. The more he thought about it, the more upset he felt. His knees were so weak, he might fall at any second. Seeing his reaction, Xyla slowly got out of bed and gently touched his arm. “These are all just my guesses. Per

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