Chapter 2062

Xyla Quest let out a long sigh when they left. She thought it would be tough to convince Wilson Batton, but it turned out to be very easy. Turning around, she studied the nannies who were busy looking after the children. None of them asked about what happened. It seemed they had all fallen for it too. “Honey, let’s go. You should get some rest now,” Stanley Batton said, wrapping his arms around Xyla. However, she was reluctant to leave her children as she gazed at them. “But I still want to be with them for a while longer.” Stanley immediately frowned sternly. “No, you’ve not rested enough today. Your health is more important, okay?” Xyla tugged at his hand pleadingly. “Honey, please let me stay here for half an hour longer. Can I?” “No,” he replied in a dominant and irrefutable tone. However, Xyla immediately flashed him a pleading look. “Honey…” Ever since Stanley met Xyla, there were three things he was most afraid of. Firstly, it was when she cried. Secondly, it was whe

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