Chapter 2061

However, Sharon Lindt believed that good would always triumph over evil. “Yeah,” Xyla Quest said. While they spoke, Wilson Batton and the others soon recovered. They looked at Xyla and Sharon Lindt in confusion as if something strange had happened. “Xyla, when did you and Sharon come back? Why didn’t I notice?” Wilson asked. As he spoke, he picked up Lynette Batton, who was closest to him, and gazed down at her affectionately. He was surprised to see a necklace with a red diamond around her neck. “I don’t recall seeing anything around her neck previously.” “You just hadn’t noticed it. It has been under her clothes since the beginning,” Sharon told him dismissively. “Is that so?” Wilson asked in a daze, wondering how he missed that. He then turned to look at Leon, noticing a similar necklace around his neck but with a different color. “Why does Leon have a necklace, too?” he wondered, recalling there wasn’t anything there earlier. However, he might not have noticed it, either

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