Chapter 204

“They both share the same surname, but why are they so different? Xyla is so honorable, why can’t Emily be the same?” “Perhaps it’s because of the difference in their mothers’ background.” “Xyla is so generous and well-manned.” May was on the verge of exploding in anger after hearing these comments from bystanders, but she could not retort. She could only grit her teeth and try to act angry as she held Emily up and gave her a tight slap. This slap hurt Emily, but it hurt her even more. Emily did not resist, allowing her mother to slap her. She knew full well that it was impossible for her mother not to hit her this time. “You wretched fool! I never thought you would actually do such a thing! Didn’t you already promise me that you would get along with Xyla? “It wasn’t too long ago when you said that. Did you already forget? You really know how to embarrass me and embarrass our entire Quest family! “Emily Quest, what else do you have the nerve to do?” Enduring the pai

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