Chapter 203

Flint subconsciously glanced at Jeremy. The latter simply waved, signaling him to take the pulse. Upon receiving his instructions, Flint swiftly approached Emily. Seeing as things were about to go wrong, Emily started struggling. Xyla quickly flipped her over and pressed her to the ground. Flint took this chance to seize her hands and take her pulse. A few seconds later, his expression changed immensely. He looked at the crowd and stammered, “From… Judging from her pulse, she really isn’t pregnant.” At this, Stanley mildly raised an eyebrow, glancing at Xyla as his lips curled into a slight arc. Everyone else’s expression was completely dark. In an instant, Emily became the target of scorn. Voices of discussion started spreading like wildfire, sounding harsh and relentless. Jeremy was too furious even to stand. He held onto the railing with one hand for support and bellowed at Emily, “You piece of rubbish! I really have no idea where all your atrociousness came from.”

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