Chapter 2025

Yaksha didn’t answer Stanley Batton’s question directly. Instead, he changed the topic. “For your children, let’s name them Lynette Batton for the girl and Leon Batton for the boy.” Lynette Batton and Leon Batton. Stanley liked those names very much. "Okay." Yaksha beamed and then sped up his pace. Soon, they both arrived on the floor where Xyla Quest's ward was located with the two children. Right then, there were bodyguards everywhere. They seemed stunned when they saw the two men walking in with the missing babies. However, none of them dared to ask any questions and merely exchanged bewildered glances. The police were there not long ago to investigate. At the time, they still hadn’t found the children. So how did Stanley and an oddly attired masked man appear with the children suddenly? The nurses were equally surprised as they walked past the counter, prompting one of them to step forward to address Stanley respectfully. “Mr. Batton, please hurry up and bring the childre

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