Chapter 2024

A vague smile appeared on Yaksha’s face after saying that. “So, does this mean the birthmarks only bring good fortune and nothing bad?” Stanley Batton asked. “Naturally. It's something good that only appears once every few thousand years,” Yaksha said. Hearing that, Stanley slowly began to feel relieved. “Here are some supplements I’ve prepared for Xyla. Take them,” the older man added, handing the black bag he was holding to him. “Thank you,” he said before accepting the bag. "Shall we leave now?” “Hold on. These too,” Yaksha said as he picked up the large bamboo basket he brought with him from up on the mountain earlier. He then retrieved another black paper bag from a drawer under the coffee table before carefully packing the root vegetables into the bag. “We’ll go and see Xyla now. Let’s get into the helicopter,” he told Stanley before he gingerly picked up the baby boy. He began to smile the moment he was in his arms. “The longer I look at these children, the more I like t

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