Chapter 201

Emily Quest was the first to hit the ground. Tom Sullivan then landed on top of her, which instantly caused Emily to cry out in pain. “Ouch… It hurts. I want to go to the hospital. Brother-in-law, why are you doing this to me?” Emily asked while she panted. However, Stanley remained calm and behaved as if he was not the person who just kicked Tom. “Help… Everyone, help me. Help!” Emily cried out continuously. “Stanley, don’t you think that’s too much? Your wife is committing murder right now! Are you just going to let her do that?” Emily’s uncle yelled coldly as he glared at Stanley. Stanley slowly shifted his gaze over to the man. “Yeah, even if she kills somebody, I’ll let her do it,” he said. The man was immediately lost for words. “This is getting out of hand! The couple is heartless! They should both die!” Someone in the crowd yelled out. “Someone, come and take Emily away for me!” May Conner quickly yelled out. However, Xyla Quest began to smile broadly. Within a second, Xyla wal

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