Chapter 200

When everyone heard what was said, they were horrified. Even Jeremy Quest’s face had turned dark. “Oh, god. Hasn’t Xyla Quest gone too far? How could she do that to Emily Quest’s child even if she has a problem with Emily?” Someone said. “That’s right. Adults should deal with problems on their own. Children are innocent,” another person added. “I can’t believe a gentle person like Xyla is actually so evil,” someone said. The surrounding audience began to discuss among themselves. To them, Xyla was an evil woman right then. Emily was in a poor state. Meanwhile, Emily continued to moan as she paid close attention to the voices around her. When she noticed that everyone’s facial expressions had changed, she felt incredibly satisfied. Emily knew that today was the day Xyla’s reputation would be ruined. It was all over for Xyla. Likewise, May thought the same thing. She could not wait to watch Xyla be kicked out of the house. In fact, she could not wait to see how Xyla would go down with a

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