Chapter 2008

Betty Starmount clenched her fists tightly upon hearing Xyla Quest's words, then just as quickly, she relaxed her fists before Xyla noticed anything. She changed the subject and continued to act demurely. “Xyla, have you taken a bath? Shall I help you?” Xyla shook her head. “No, I haven’t. Thank you.” After that, Betty carefully helped Xyla with a bath. Meanwhile, in the neonatal intensive care unit, several people adorned sterile gowns and went through a disinfection process before they followed Stanley Batton to visit his newborn twins. The children were asleep, still looking pinkish and wrinkly. From afar, they seemed so vulnerable and helpless, making everyone feel protective towards them. Everyone seemed to well up with tears in their eyes when they saw them looking so vulnerable and helpless. One couldn't help but feel protective toward such tiny babies. Sharon Lindt, especially, couldn’t resist crying as her heart ached painfully. “Oh my god! My grandchildren are so tin

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