Chapter 2007

“All right, I’ll remember that.” When Rachel Wood and Georgie Clementine overheard the family’s conversation, they were deeply envious that Xyla Quest had such a great mother-in-law in Sharon Lindt. Meanwhile, Annabeth Cates felt glad and lucky to be a part of their family. Sharon then turned to look at Josh Batton. “Same goes for you. If you ever treat Annabeth poorly, you’re dead.” Josh pinched his forehead helplessly before enveloping his wife in a gentle hug. “Don’t worry, I’d never do that.” “You wouldn’t dare,” Wilson Batton stated. “Yes, that’s right. I wouldn’t dare,” he replied. “I finally know why the Batton family has generations of men who love their wives to bits and pieces. It’s the strict teaching at home and threat of death,” Henry Armstrong said. Everyone laughed. Once they sobered, Sharon gently rubbed Xyla’s stomach again. “Darling, does your stomach still hurt?” “It’s better now,” Xyla answered. “Let me know if you feel uncomfortable, okay?” Sharon asked.

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