Chapter 1965

Xyla Quest felt her baby kicking again. The warm sensation spread from her stomach to the rest of her body. Presently, she felt boundless energy all over her body. Her feelings of exhaustion had disappeared completely, feeling as if she had only just woken up in the morning. Xyla was a little surprised by this strange feeling, uncertain why she would feel like this when her baby kicked her in the stomach. This was something Xyla had never discovered. Right then, Stanley Batton walked up to her. “The bath is ready, Darling.” Xyla gently rubbed her stomach and gazed at him. “Our baby just kicked.” His gaze softened significantly when he heard this. He splayed his hand on her stomach with a loving look in his eyes. “We’ll be able to meet each other very soon.” Right then, Xyla felt the baby kicking gently again, right at the spot where Stanley was touching. He instantly felt his heart melting. “Can the baby sense that I’m touching your stomach? I could feel the baby kicking,”

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