Chapter 1964

Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton’s heads were completely covered in white by the time they arrived home. They both flicked off all the snow before entering their house. Inside, the heater was on full blast, making it feel like a completely different world from the outside. Xyla instantly felt active after entering the warm house. Removing Stanley’s coat, she glanced at him. “Are you sure you’re not cold?” Xyla was already freezing even though they’d only walked in the snow for less than ten minutes. “Not at all.” “You sure are resistant to the cold,” Xyla retorted and then rubbed her hands together while she quickly ran over to the couch. She picked up a white blanket to cover her legs until she soon felt warm again. Stanley unhurriedly put away their shoes before sitting down next to her, his arms extending to sit her forcefully on his lap. Xyla leaned against him naturally before she picked up her phone and opened Weibo to examine the current list of hot topics. The topics fro

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