Chapter 1955

The tall, wealthy, and handsome men began speaking one after another— “Nice to meet you, Miss Quest. I’m the CEO of Stark Group. I’m here to thank you for curing my grandfather of his illness.” “I’m the CEO of Woolson Group. Thank you for getting rid of my mother’s illness.” “I’m-” They began introducing themselves one after another, then thanking Xyla Quest for rescuing their family members. By the time they finished, Xyla was holding multiple credit cards in her hands. Chuckling when she saw the thick stack of credit cards, she returned them to each of them. “Please, I'll accept your gratitude in words, but money isn’t necessary. I don’t need it.” The men laughed, saying they would allow Quest Group to earn a larger share of profits if they worked as partners in the future. Some even said they would prioritize artistes from X Entertainment should their companies invest in films or television dramas. Xyla chuckled. “We’ll discuss it next time.” The men were acting respectful

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