Chapter 1954

Xyla Quest and the others looked toward where the sound had come from, but she could not see anything as there were too many people around her. Soon, people began stepping aside to make way for the woman. A tearful, middle-aged woman, who stood at the end of the crowd, appeared before Xyla. She recognized this woman as Maggie Carlton, a leukemia expert who once disparaged Xyla on Weibo. Maggie had been less than kind in her comments about Xyla previously, calling her out for being a terrible capitalist and a liar. She even said only fools would buy the Resurrection Pills and that whoever believed in Xyla would pay for their foolishness. Seeing how her demeanor had changed from being arrogant to humble in light of recent events made Xyla feel a little unnerved. Soon, Maggie quickly ran up to Xyla, falling to her knees directly in front of her before she could speak. Xyla’s eyes widened in surprise. “What are you doing?” “Xyla, you are amazing! Can you be my mentor? I’m willing

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