Chapter 1881

Xyla Quest nodded repeatedly. “Yes, if Stanley ever dares to cheat on me, I would definitely catch him along with the b*tch. I am so calm because that girl really is Stanley’s younger sister.” Sharon Lindt looked confused. “Which sister? Catherine isn’t home. Before the rumor about Stanley started, I even chatted with Catherine on a video call, and she was still abroad at the time. His other sisters had not returned as well. Perhaps she's a distant cousin who came back without telling me? But that’s impossible as well. “All my nieces and nephews are fond of me. The first thing they would do upon coming home to the country would be to visit me., but not before calling to ask if I wanted any souvenir,” Sharon said while carefully analyzing the situation. “Did Stanley tell you about her being his sister? If so, I suggest you don’t believe him so easily. Women need to be wiser and not believe everything a man says,” she added boldly. Seeing how upset she was and hearing her words, Xyla

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