Chapter 1880

The longer Sharon Lindt looked at Xyla Quest, the more sorry she felt for Xyla. This time, she swore she’d stand up for her daughter-in-law, even if Stanley was her biological son. She would not forgive him easily. All jerks who cheated on their partners deserved to die, including Stanley Batton. “Don’t worry, Xyla. Everything he owns is under your name anyway. If you do get a divorce, you can torture him whichever way you like. “If you wanted him to lose everything while you and your child live a happy life together, I have nothing against that decision. I believe Stanley’s father would feel the same way,” Sharon added confidently. Xyla let out a long, helpless sigh. “Mom, can I say something?” From the moment Sharon walked in, she’d been the only one speaking. Xyla couldn’t even get a word in. She had no opportunity to explain the situation despite wanting to. Sharon nodded immediately and pulled Xyla away as if she was caring for a sick patient. “Okay, Xyla. Go ahead, I’ll

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